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The Workplace Health Champion

The Workplace Health Champion is your point of contact with the Up & Active Workplaces Team. They are vital to the award process and should therefore be chosen carefully.

Below you will find a variety of resources which will help you to achieve your Up & Active Workplaces award. If you have supporting documents which you think other Workplace Health Champions might find useful, please contact the Up & Active Workplaces team.

Eat Well

Downloadable resources available to you.


Breathe Easier

Why encourage a smoke free environment at work?


Move More

Why encourage physical activity at work?


Feel Better

Why encourage mental health and wellbeing at work?


Drink Safe

Why promote safer drinking messages at work?


Be Flexible

Why Encourage Taking Care of Bones and Joints at Work?


The Champion

If you have a large or multi-site organisation it may be more practical to have a small team of champions. The following information should help you in your choice:

  • The Workplace Health Champion should have the full support of all the management team and have access to evidence required by the assessors.
  • Management must be committed to working with the Workplace Health Champion to action any measures necessary to achieve the award.
  • The Workplace Health Champion will need time to collect evidence and work with the advisors to implement the health action plans. They should not be expected to do this on top of a full workload.