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Our Structured Programme

Whether you employ one person or one thousand, there will be some way in which your workplace could benefit from making some small changes to improve the health and well being of your staff.

The business benefits will make financial sense and the staff benefits will have a positive impact. This structured programme offers expert on site support to identify your route to becoming a healthy workplace. We offer practical advice and support on a range of issues to improve the health of the workforce. We tailor our approach to suit any business be it large or small.

The stages of the process are detailed below and your efforts could be rewarded with a Up & Active Workplaces Award.

When you have decided that Up & Active Workplaces is right for your workplace, you will need to register here and one of the Up & Active Workplaces team will get in touch with you.

Following registration your organisation will then need to complete the Health Needs Assessment survey. Then the Up & Active Workplaces Team will do some analysis of the information you have submitted. A Business Health Advisor will then come to meet with you on site and present a report and recommendations specific to your business, based on the information provided with your Health Needs Assessment survey.

You are required to identify a member of staff to be your Workplace Health Champion. He/she will be the main point of contact between your company and the Up & Active Workplaces Team. The role of the Champion will be to:

  • Consult with staff on all business relating to Up & Active Workplaces
  • Liaise with staff at all stages of the process for any events/activities
  • Share information from all staff that will help make decisions on which themes your business should carry forward
  • Promote/raise awareness of on-site activities and health days
  • Collate information in the evidence folder for the awards process

Use all means available to your organization (focus group, health teams, newsletters and intranet) to find out what health themes your employees would be interested in and what would motivate them to participate in any events or activities you organise.

In consultation with your Business Health Advisor you will review the information gathered from consulting staff, agree on a priority theme and develop an action plan. Your advisor will identify resources and agree dates for onsite support programmes. With our support your Workplace Health Champion should begin to deliver your plans and start the first steps towards your healthy business.

Evaluate and Review – As each of your activities comes to an end your Workplace Health Champion will use templates to evaluate the event and the outcome. This will help you to monitor the effects of your programme and review your progress through the award scheme. All such evaluations should be stored in your evidence folder.

What are my organisations responsibilities?

The award level achieved remains valid until such time as a workplace can demonstrate health and well being activities against the standards defined for the higher award levels. Throughout this period the Up & Active Workplaces Team will continue to support and encourage progressive health improvements.

A business may seek to achieve and stay with a particular level of award without the need to move on to other levels. However the award achieved would be valid for a period of two years only after which time the business would need to apply for re-validation. At this point we would expect the organisation to be able to demonstrate evidence that they are continuing to develop and grow as a healthy workplace.

A healthy workplace is about ethos and environment, it is not an outcome in itself and so assessors will seek assurance and evidence that work to improve staff health and well being is being sustained and becoming embedded in the nature of the organisation concerned.

The Up & Active Workplaces Assessors who will judge the award will hold assessment days approximately twice a year to examine evidence and agree awards. The way to pass the assessment and go on to achieve an award is to raise awareness and involve staff in identifying the potential for change, make and document the changes, review and assess the changes and continue to ensure the long term sustainability of the change by implementing policies and action plans.

It is not by ‘doing’ a topic that you will get through the award. The assessors will be looking for real and lasting change that has had a positive impact on the health, attitude and morale of your staff. Your staff are your biggest asset and so are worth investing in. Its not about doing it, its about how well you do it. A healthy workplace is not an outcome it is a process.

If your organisation gains an award, it will reflect the hard work and dedication of your Workplace Health Champion in involving and motivating your employees to actively participate in the activities and programmes established on your site. As such it is expected that you will acknowledge their efforts at the highest level and in any organisational publicity. Up & Active Workplaces will present each Workplace Health Champion with a certificate in appreciation of their hard work.