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Advanced Awards

Once an organisation has completed the First Steps Award they can then progress to working towards the Advanced Award, if they wish, with the full support of the Up & Active Workplaces Team. Progression on the Avanced Awards will be achieved following assessment against the progressive criteria as set out in each level.

Targets reflect the expected level of health activities relevant to the business, thus making it possible for the very small or the very large to participate.


All staff are aware of the smoke-free laws and how they are applied to the workplace.

Sources of further information and support to quit smoking are readily available.

The organisation complies with smoke free legislation, including signage.

Use your intranet page to hold permanent signpost details of support services for employees to access in their own time.

Actively promote local ‘stop-smoking’ services – leaflets are available year round and prominently placed.


Actively promote the Department of Health national campaigns within the workplace, No Smoking Day and ‘Stoptober’.

Smoking is banned from in front of the workplace or from view of general public

Smoke free zones are clearly signposted as smoke-free and steps are taken to prevent smoking in these areas.

Host a Stop Smoking awareness session in your workplace at lunchtime.

Provision of a 10 week quit smoking programme within the workplace. *


All decisions and policy making to be done in consultation with staff. All staff are aware of how to report breaches of the smoke-free policy.

* Workplace groups can be set up subject to minimum numbers.