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Advanced Awards

Once an organisation has completed the First Steps Award they can then progress to working towards the Advanced Award, if they wish, with the full support of the Up & Active Workplaces Team. Progression on the Avanced Awards will be achieved following assessment against the progressive criteria as set out in each level.

Targets reflect the expected level of health activities relevant to the business, thus making it possible for the very small or the very large to participate.


One to one verbal discussion on a variety of physical activity topics.

Small group cycling skills session

Basic bicycle maintenance on employee’s bicycles

Guidance on local opportunities for corporate gym membership

Identification and marking out of a safe walking/running route

Signage prompting/promoting physical activity within the workplace (encouraging the use of stairs etc).

Provision of information on the benefits of being physically active.

Signposting to GA website/classes and other local providers of physical activity.


A 6 week programme designed to help individuals make practical steps to increase physical activity levels

A chance to discover ways to become more active and to incorporate physical activity into the daily routine.

A ‘Q & A’ session on any barriers to being active.

Incorporating cycling facilities into the workplace (cycle racks etc)

Training opportunities made available to businesses e.g. Health Walk Leader training.


Help and support the business to develop and implement a workplace activity policy in consultation with staff.