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Advanced Awards

Once an organisation has completed the First Steps Award they can then progress to working towards the Advanced Award, if they wish, with the full support of the Up & Active Workplaces Team. Progression on the Avanced Awards will be achieved following assessment against the progressive criteria as set out in each level.

Targets reflect the expected level of health activities relevant to the business, thus making it possible for the very small or the very large to participate.


Using your staff newsletter, intranet, noticeboards etc to provide regular articles on benefits of healthy eating.

Information is provided on sugar, salt and fat content of food on any workplace menus.

Supermarkets, Food Access Bolton, Bolton market etc.

Jugs of tap water or drinking fountains.


Team to provide 12 week programme for individuals seeking to maintain or lose weight.

All healthy options are clearly marked or labelled as the healthier alternative.

Follow the ‘North West Commissioning Healthier Catering and Hospitality Guidelines’. Hard copies available from Up & Active Workplaces.

When food is provided on site by the organisation or by outside catering the organisation must ensure they use locally produced produces where applicable.

Well-being quiz: A self-assessment quiz that gives participants an insight into their own psychological make-up and makes recommendations on self-help techniques that could benefit their outlook on life

Creative activity in the workplace can be used to bring staff together, whilst improving their wellbeing and resulting in the production of something very useful.
Examples include: DVD’s, environmental projects, theatre, podcasts and music.

Note: organisations need to fund the production of any creative resources.


All decisions and policy making to be done in consultation with staff.