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Creating healthy workplaces is a process not an outcome and the whole workplace should be encouraged to participate in order to create an holistic view of health. Everyone from the top down and the bottom up has a stake in improving health at work. All stakeholders should be involved in the development and implementation in order to increase their knowledge, understand their role and responsibilities in making changes for themselves and to create a healthy workplace ethos that can be sustained and expanded on for the future.

Improving health at work and creating healthy places in which to work makes sense. It makes sense for employers, it makes sense for employees. Creating your healthy workplace will contribute to long term benefits for all and better health means better business.

The team at Up & Active Workplaces can provide all the advice and guidance a workplace will need to begin work to improve health in their workplace. From the moment you sign up you will have the support of the Up & Active Workplaces Team and a named NHS Health Improvement Officer will become your Business Health Advisor supporting and guiding you as you progress.