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Welcome To Up & Active Workplaces

As part of our commitment to help the people of East Lancashire live long and healthy lives and improve health and wellbeing the Up & Active Workplaces programme has been developed.

As those of us who work spend around 60% of our waking hours in the workplace it makes it the ideal setting in which to make small changes to promote healthier lifestyles. Feel free to browse the website.

The ProgrammeHealth Themes


The Up & Active Workplaces award has been designed and based around concepts of health promotion and ill health prevention, avoiding accidents and occupational health and safety. It has been designed in such a way that it can be adapted to meet the needs of any workplace whatever the size.

U&A Bronze Award

This level lays the foundation for all levels of the award but is equally important and valid in its own right.

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U&A Silver Award

This level of the award builds upon the basics that have been set in place at Bronze Level.

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U&A Gold Award

By the time your organisation is aiming for Gold you will have already demonstrated your commitment to the health and well being of your employees.

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Up & Active

Visit the main Up & Active website and find loads of ideas on easy ways to help you get up, get out and get active including all the great activities that are going on in your area with our “Activity Search” section.

Sign Up

When you have decided that Up & Active Workplaces is right for your workplace, you will need to register here and one of the Up & Active Workplaces team will get in touch with you.

Site Visit and HNA Survey

Following registration your organisation will then need to complete the Health Needs Assessment survey. Then the Up & Active Workplaces Team will do some analysis of the information you have submitted. A Business Health Advisor will then come to meet with you on site and present a report and recommendations specific to your business, based on the information provided with your Health Needs Assessment survey.

Choose a Champion

You are required to identify a member of staff to be your Workplace Health Champion. He/she will be the main point of contact between your company and the Up & Active Workplaces Team.

Consult Staff

Use all means available to your organization (focus group, health teams, newsletters and intranet) to find out what health themes your employees would be interested in and what would motivate them to participate in any events or activities you organise.

Action Plan

In consultation with your Business Health Advisor you will review the information gathered from consulting staff, agree on a priority theme and develop an action plan.

Evaluate and Review

Evaluate and Review – As each of your activities comes to an end your Workplace Health Champion will use templates to evaluate the event and the outcome.